The de Rooy Family/Seth

We are writing as the proud parents of our son Seth de Rooy. He was very generously supplied a Rifton Activity Chair from the Couee Community. We would like to say a huge Thank You!

Since having this chair it has made big changes in our daily life as a family! Seth has the right amount of support and is more a part of the family activities. In the pictures shown Seth uses this chair for many reasons throughout the day.

He eats in this chair from 3 to six times a day, he does his speech therapy with the IPad and amuses himself with toys while I can prepare meals with him right there with me and happy. This in turns makes a happy Seth which makes each day and activity a pleasure.

Thank You again very much, we appreciate it.

I would like to say a massive Thank You to Campo too, you are good person and will always be remembered here.

The de Rooy Family/Seth