Rhys Keeps Improving after 2nd Treatment

rhys-hydrotherapyRhys underwent his second treatment in Avene, France in June/July this year.

The doctor was amazed when she first saw him again and actually got quite emotional. This is because he looks so good!!!!

We have been thrilled with Rhys’ progress, in particular this year. He has not been on any medication at all.

The treatment has been all natural. He has only been using Avene products and taking pro-biotics.

The result is:

  • Rhys is very happy
  • Rhys looks and feels well
  • Rhys no longer is itching and only has occasion mild eczema
  • Allergies are less frequent and Rhys has become more tolerant
  • No medication
  • No doctor/hospital visits
  • No asthma/asthma puffer not needed
  • Sleeping 10 hours a night!!!!
  • Rhys no longer has anxiety issues
  • General well being is excellent
  • Rhys has put on weight, is growing and even the issues with his teeth have improved
  • Extremely active and playing lots of sport!
  • Getting ready for high school next year…

rhys-water-massageWords are not sufficient to explain just how delighted we are. We really feel that we have our ‘boy back’ and have our family back on track.

It has taken a long time to get to this stage and we understand that the process is not yet over. We need to do the final treatment in Avene next year to ensure ongoing success.

We are actively assisting other children suffering similar conditions by sharing our experiences and helping with advice, products etc.

We are continually getting comments on just how well Rhys looks. The improvement has been amazing. The fact that this has been achieved without medication is wonderful for us.

We want to take the opportunity to thank you again for your wonderful help in getting us to this stage.

We will be forever grateful.

Much love

The Doherty family
Sharon, Mark, Rhys, Sean & Liam xxxxxxxxx