Love Sharing Program Vietnam & Vietnamese Family Care Packages 2015

Love Sharing Program Vietnam

Share Love and Spread Happiness – It Costs Less Than a Restaurant Meal

Our mind is one of the most potent weapons created. Imagine the plight of people who do not have adequate control on their minds; people who keep forgetting their near and dear ones, their homes, their workplaces.

Central 2 of Mental Hospital Bien Hoa City is one such place that helps accommodate people that have a challenging time putting their mind to the simplest of tasks. The patients here are not only challenged by mental faculties but also face grief such as depression, abandonment by family and lack of happy memories of an earlier life.

We are a small group of volunteers who have dedicated a considerable part of our time to connect with such mentally troubled patients. We also know that you too would like to contribute in a meaningful way to help spread joy in their lives that is otherwise filled with darkness and uncertain future.

You can help them smile for a day

We help you to make a meaningful difference in their lives by our very own “Love Sharing” program. Through this, you can take a few minutes to accompany us to the hospital and spend some quality time with them. The patients need your moral support and will be overjoyed with your presence at the hospital. You can also contribute a miniscule amount to help us distribute one cake and one candy to these patients and try and make their day.

If you want to help such distressed minds with a moment of happiness and joy, we make sure to assist you to connect with them, with a nominal contribution – something that costs less than a 3-course meal at a restaurant.

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Vietnamese Family Care Packages

Help a Needy Family and Your Soul Will Feel Truly Happy This New Year’s Eve

All giving does not necessarily reciprocate in kind. Some acts of giving provide happiness and comfort to the soul. Such giving that brings a smile on another person’s face is true giving. This New Year, you can celebrate Tet Holidays by contributing to provide basic food items to the poor and needy.

Let the New Year begin on an auspicious note by helping those who cannot afford even two square meals. Your graciousness and their prayers will give you much more satisfaction and happiness in return.

Small contribution that makes a big impact

Make sure that your contribution reaches the right people through our “New Year Gift Wrapping” program. This program helps poor families to have a meal on New Year’s Eve through the gifts that include:

  1. 10 kg of rice
  2. 0.5 kg of rice paper
  3. 1 bottle of Tam Thai Tu soy sauce (big size)
  4. 1 bag of glutamate
  5. 10 bags of instant noodles
  6. 1 bag of salt
  7. 1 bottle of cooking oil
  8. 1 kg of white sugar

Each gift is estimated to cost as less as about 300.000 VND ($15)

While this may be very nominal for you, it can be a very valuable gift for those who find it difficult to arrange for food for their families on New Year’s Day.

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