The world has changed and parenting has changed with it. No longer are kids free to roam the neighbourhood unsupervised. A gap has been created in the modern childhood experience and FIT’SCOOL is a safe and effective way to fill that gap. FIT’SCOOL can provide that experience that kids are missing – running around and having fun!

We are about creating a starting point for children and their parents to get fit, healthy and strong. We are about fun, and teaching the fundamentals that will improve fitness levels for the whole family.

What do we offer now?

  • After-school fitness program
  • Morning running programs
  • Sunday afternoon open park play and early healthy dinners

What is coming?

There has been a change in legislation that affects our one-hour free fitness and wellbeing program delivered in the school grounds. We are currently in negotiations with the relevant departments to ensure we comply with the new requirements and then we will return to Queensland schools.

General donation

These donations help FIT’SCOOL to keep developing and delivering the FIT’SCOOL program to school-age children. Your support helps the charity that is committed to delivering positive proactive change to parents and their school-age children.

Partnership donations

These donations attract partnership benefits and FIT’SCOOL will promote our partnership sponsors directly to our growing membership and social media connections. We value your commitment to us and we will work closely with you and your brand to ensure you get true value from us.

Please help us help our next generation and our parents of today – donate now!



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