At Couee Community we are proud to partner with a number of accomplished individuals who embody the Couee Community values, and who represent us as Couee Coummunity Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors are an amazing collection of people that are passionate about our cause and determined to make a difference in our community.

Jason Atkins

I began playing Golf in 2006.  I had a highly competetive sporting background throughout my younger years in 4 main sports. Soccer, squash, roller hockey and baseball. From playing this combination of sports I developed a natural high standard of eye-ball co-ordination, swing speed and core stability- three main ingredients in the golf swing. I’ll

Paul “Campo” Campion

Award winning Broadcaster and now “Licensed Auctioneer” “Campo” is fast becoming Brisbane’s most sought after Auctioneer offering a totally different experience to other Auctioneers. All the attributes that have seen Campo Achieve number 1 ratings on Brisbane Radio he brings to the table as an Auctioneer.